Tuesday, September 13, 2011

80 Percent Pizza

But I was hungry. Really hungry. I worked hard this week, so I was going to have a half slice of pizza at my Toastmaster's meeting Monday night. I knew I had my Weight Watcher Weigh-In on Tuesday, but I was feeling confident after my first 5K training session last week with Adam "The Terminator." I'd done everything he asked of me so far -- intervals on Friday, two five-minute runs separated by a five-minute walk on Monday. What did I have to fear?

I even had a solid weightlifting workout Tuesday morning and properly starved myself before the Weigh-In? No sweat. So, I was still confident when that half-slice of chicken pizza, turned into a whole slice. Then into a slice of pepperoni pizza. And then another slice sausage pizza. It was our Toastmasters Callout meeting we were expected a few more visitors. Well, I couldn't take it home with me, could I?

After I went home, I suddenly remembered Saturday. I was in Franklin, Ind. to see Franklin College's football team take on No. 1-ranked Wisconsin-Whitewater. Coach Shawn met me in the parking lot, walked me through the stadium to the Franklin Touchdown Club Tailgate. Franklin takes their tailgating seriously. How could I turn down such hospitality? I knew I could just pick out the healthy stuff. Okay, there's the baked breast chicken (dipped in barbecue sauce). I skipped the bun (2 points, Clyde). Baked beans. That's healthy. Pile it on. Potato salad. Those are real potatoes. Grown this morning. That's healthy. Still more room on the plate. Whoa! Hot dogs. I haven't had one of those since . . . last week. Since I skipped the bun earlier, it's okay to get the bun this time. Cookies? No more room on the plate. I'll wait until halftime.

Oh, that wasn't such a good day, was it? Thursday was the volleyball match in Rossville. When I decided to take this one, I had no idea it would last five long games. Afterward, I was hungry. Really hungry. But I worked hard this week, so on to IHOP I go. I did the Garden Omelette (good). What? It comes with three pancakes? Well, I don't want to waste them. Why would IHOP put a Garden Omelette together with pancakes if they weren't both healthy anyway? I got that workout on Friday. No sweat.

That was probably not a good idea, but I'm ready. I take to the scale Tuesday and I start to explain to Weight Watcher Amy my week, as I start to anticipate the worse during my Weigh-In. Results: Up 2.2 pounds. Wait. I finished my first week of 5K training and I GAINED 2.2 pounds? How is that even freaking possible? How did that happen? I told her about my training and I could see it in her eyes. "Yeah, good luck with that one, Pizza Boy."

Then I remembered my daughter Ashley telling me that losing weight is 80 percent of what you eat. That means, I weighed in feeling 80 percent pizza. So, tomorrow morning at 5:30 a.m., I start my second training session with The Terminator heavier than I was last week. Something's wrong here.


  1. You will do this!! I have all the faith in the world in you!!

  2. Ok so this is my advice (for what it is worth): 1) Eat a meal before Toastmasters so that you are not tempted by unhealthy food or at least eat a snack before the meeting so you do not eat as much unhealthy food during the meeting. 2) Incorporate a "cheat" meal into your diet each week and maybe your Toastmasters meetings can be the place and time when you “cheat.” 3) Ask Toastmasters to offer healthy alternatives or fruit so that you are not left out in the cold if you do not want to indulge in pizza or suggest that the participants do a potluck once/month so that you can bring your own healthy option. 4) Find healthier alternatives to the unhealthy foods you love (whole wheat pasta with turkey sausage or order whole wheat French toast at IHOP instead of the pancakes for example) and prepare the dishes yourself so that you can control the sodium, fat, etc.

    I think it is awesome that you are paying attention to what you eat! Great bodies are definitely made in the kitchen! Also, remember that a diet that is too restrictive is not sustainable and will not help you keep any weight off that you lose. The trick is to plan ahead (carry healthy snacks with you) and find (or modify) healthy meals that you enjoy almost as much as pizza and pancakes!